Tessa International School – It’s Not About Caring For Children, It’s About Developing Caring Children

Parents want the absolute best for their children. Their desire is to bring up confident, kind and happy individuals. To that end many do their utmost to spend quality time with their children, to financially provide a secure environment to grow, and to enroll them in the best education possibilities available.

One crucial key to a developing child is culture awareness. The introduction of various languages and cultures, from a young and tender age, can do much to shape the adult that your child becomes.

tessa International School recognizes and appreciates this solid fact. The aim is not simply to care for children, but to develop caring children. Children who are inquiring, knowledgeable, have strong social and emotional development and are introduced to strong academic challenges, have the potential to become confident, stable and happy individuals.

The Team At Tessa International School

The success of any body, organization or entity is dependent, to a very large extent, on the strength of the team, both as a whole and individually. Isabelle Bonneau, the Founder of Tessa International School is all too aware of this. With extensive experience in multilingual education, as well being blessed with an international business background, Isabelle believes in the power of good education.

The Head of School, Robert Mullins is equally suited to his role at Tessa International School. With international teaching and leadership experience, Robert has abundant knowledge in the field of international education.

However, it is not his knowledge and experience alone that make him so suitable for his role as Head of School. Rather it is his passion and love for learning and teaching that truly set him apart. Robert is devoted to being a model to those he is blessed to teach and to cultivate a culture of life-long learning that is full of excitement and enjoyment.

The Language Teachers

Anna Paez, the Spanish Head Teacher at Tessa is a native speaker and well understands the challenges of learning a new language, she herself learned English upon moving to the United States. For Ana, her teaching style is based on children feeling safe, loved and engaged.

Amy Stephens, French Head Teacher at Tessa spent her childhood in a bilingual home. With a love of travel, culture, dancing and food, she proves herself a teacher who is passionate about learning.

The Mandarin Specialist Teacher at Tessa, Melody Loi, is fluent in Mandarin and English, as well as other dialects. With considerable experience with young learners, as well as holding the Creative Curriculum Infant/Toddler) educator, Melody has a personality that suits teaching very well.

Certainly, parents want only the good things in life for their children. That’s why enrolling a child in a prestigious school like Tessa International School comes with a wealth of benefits. Boasting a strong team who are committed to learning, dedicated to teaching and have an abundance of experience at their disposal, your child may very well fall in love with learning at this exceptional school.